Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Close to the couch

Couches, furniture, its all related right?  Here are some stories that I have formulated from a long time friendship with the Amazing Maggie.  Also known as Maggie the Great, Mags the wonderful and my favorite Maggie the Fabulous.   Maggie is my best friend.  She is the Mutt to my Jeff (for those of you who know who Mutt and Jeff are, if not follow the link!)  She is the laurel of my hardy  (Laurel and Hardy), we are the queens o' fabulous!

If you want the mushy, fact filled part head over to Maggie's blog and get the facts.  Here you will find a couple of sniggle  (this is between a snicker and a giggle) worthy stories.

Maggie and I got into a business together of cleaning rental houses and new construction.  We both held good full time jobs but for the fun and shoe shopping money we started a small business called MCC.  Which is either Maggie, Chrissy Cleaning, or (my favorite) Master Cleaning Chicks.   I am not sure if you are familiar with the ins and outs of rental cleaning but it is a dirty, nasty, smelly, gooey, poopy (literally) job.  So when the opportunity presented itself to stage a brand new house with furniture I jumped at the chance!
I love interior design, I love to move furniture around and make cozy spaces, I love new houses and I love working with Maggie!  I gathered a bunch of furniture from my house, some from Maggie's place, went to Rent a Center and rented some and the big day arrived.  I worked all day staging the house, placing nice bits and pieces, the stuff that was there.   That night after work and dinner Mags came to help bring in the beds and such.  There was a stair case to navigate which is fairly difficult seeing as how there is a significant height difference between us.  I am 5'9" and Mags is 5'2" eyes of blue.....  The stairs did not get the better of us though, we made it up with the bed frame, then the box spring, then the mattress we are invincible.

Almost invincible, this was the day I found Maggie's kryptonite.  The mattress had my aged Grandmother's until she moved into a home for aged Grandmothers.  As we were setting the mattress in place I noticed a dried, brown smear on the mattress cover (it was still wrapped in plastic).  I began to laugh because Mag's and I always would say "it's poo" in silly voices over every foreign substance.  As I began to laugh, assuming that Mags also had seen the smear all I said was "actually it is".  Several moments after I said this Mags saw "THE SMEAR" and asked "wha...." and that was as far as she got before freaking out!!!!   I, being the good friend that I am, fell to the floor in tears of laughter, laughed until I couldn't breath and my stomach hurt beyond all reason.  Eventually Mags was able to laugh as well, though her's was more of a nervous giggle...

The moral of this story:  If a bear walked into a bar he would say OW!


  1. You MCCs are crazy. Lovable, but crazy.

  2. I believe we may have been slightly too disturbed to clean that one too...at least I was and it wasn't even my grandma! I love how you left out the part where you crazily insisted on carrying that billion pound cast iron antique sewing machine up to the second floor landing DESPITE my obvious protest against it! But it was fun because we almost killed Mike! ;) hehehe. Yes we are lovable, crazy and slightly dangerous.

  3. Doug did move outs for awhile. It was amazing what people actually left behind- diplomas, baby pixs, Christmas ornaments.