Friday, August 5, 2011

The Couch Origin

Let us not become confused by titles, words and falderal.  ~me

There is something that runs in my family.  It runs, it gallops (which is far more fun than running, if you haven't tried a good gallop in a while you should try one now.  Just Gallop down the length of the room and back, I'll wait........ Now wasn't that fun?  You didn't gallop did you?  Well your loss)   it sneaks, it crawls and it springs up when you least expect it.  The worst part is it can't be medicated, it can't be dealt with in therapy, it just is and always will be.   This is... all things furniture.   At this moment sitting in my mom's house are 5 complete dining room sets. Who needs 4 extra dining room sets? and lets not even start on the high boys.

In my life it all started with a trip to the local serenity house. I had my eye on a couch. 1920s, kinda torn fabric, nice design, very cute in a shabby sort of way.  Then one day the couch gnome (I believe there is a couch gnome) smiled on me.  There was a half sale on all couches, $25 later it was mine, all mine! And I had my very own couch.
Now I am always in need of a few extra bucks, so I started looking thru Craigs list and the paper and such for free things that I could turn around and sell.  I found another couch for free.  After chatting with this lady for an hour on the phone I went to look at it, Fell and love now I have 2 couches.  Here is where we start to encounter the problem. I live in a very small garage.  And really do not have room for a lot o' couches.  So being careful about my situation, understanding I have no space I made the only logical decision and I took another couch from a garage sale. This couch is GIGANTIC! and now have 3 couches!  Though there is plenty of space to actually sit on, there is not plenty of room to get the couches due to an immense amount of stuff that resides on the couches.
On the 20's couch live all my stuffed animals, dolls and throw blankets, I have a good number of these as I am very attached to my stuffed animals.   On one section of the sectional (the second couch) lives a TV that is laying face down, directly across from this (with a table in between) is the other section on which lay scattered the remnants of my packing from my travels.  I have remants from my trip to Haiti, my weeks at camp, my planned trip to Mexico and daily comings and goings. On the Third couch is one space reserved for me. I occupy this space on my day off, my evenings, and a morning or 2 with a cup of coffee whilst I ponder the never ending question in life " from which couch is the awful smell emitting?"

Speaking of which, I must be off to clear a way to the couch by the window and find that odd smell.....Where DID I leave the fabreeze??


  1. Love it! I'm so glad you did it! Love your background and color scheme. You just need to change the color of your links within your posts because they are a little too light colored. Other than that, it's perfect and it's YOU!